As a new leukemia warrior mom - I found it hard to start researching foundations and organizations that could help my child and family.  One of the very first foundations that I stumbled across was a Naperville local.   Childhood Leukemia Warriors Foundation and Ron Radosta (one of the founders) has been a blessing to our family.   Withing the first few weeks, we received an extremely generous donation from them.  From there the support just keeps coming!  They are an amazing organization that has helped us tremendously - we are forever grateful for them.  My son just got a birthday card with a Target gift card in side.  We have gotten a gas card, pins for the whole family and a beautiful note saying that there is other programs that will be launching soon.  If you want to help other families out lime mine has from them - they are the people to donate too!  They are amazing and local!

To the Radosta family and the Childhood Leukemia Warriors Foundation.  I can't even express to you how special it was to have your involvement for this years pediatric Oncology Picnic.  You all are such a delightful family and a truly wonderful organization.  I can tell that you have invested so much hard work into the Childhood Leukemia Warriors foundation and we are so grateful for your heart of wanting to sincerely help and support other families, even in the midst of fighting a battle yourself.  it is truly inspirational.  Thank you so much for contributing to the carnival and giving generously with the gift cards.  We are so grateful and it was a huge success thanks yo your partnership.

-Allie Jones, Child Life Specialist on behalf of all of us at Central DuPage Hospital!

We're happy to announce that she is now totally done with the treatment and there is no sign of leukemia.  First I thank the God for answering my prayer, and I want to thank your foundation for helping us through out this journey.  And thank you to all the sponsors who made it possible for us to continue our journey.  

Again from the bottom of our hear, thank you so much again for helping us

We just want to say a special thank you for the Christmas monetary gift you sent us.  It's a tremendous help and we pray for continued blessings and success in your ministry.  Thank you also for the fun movie time last Saturday.  We all had a blast!  It was our son's first movie in a theater and he sat through the entire time.  

This is a note of gratitude for all that you do.  We couldn't make the picnic due to illness, but we did make the movie event and my children loved the experience.  To be hones I think my husband and i appreciated it more!  Also the money that was sent to us at such an amazing time.  It was needed and so very appreciated!  Thank you for all you do!

 Yesterday we went to see The Grinch with Childhood Leukemia Warriors Foundation.  I would be lying if I told you I wasn't crying.  We have come a long way this past year and it was such a great morning to spend with all these little warriors and siblings.